• Again, like I said: great idea, hide the medics in an ash storm.

    I continued towards them, noticing now that the smaller shadows seemed to be motioning towards me. Their voices were covered by the storm, but I could make out high-pitched muffles that sounded like they were pleading for their lives. The muffled squeaks started making sense as I neared.

    “I think he really needs some help so can we please please please help him?” The girl was still pouting as the smaller boy was jumping up and down in excitement. The man in front of them placed his hand under his chin, turning his attention to the girl while patting the boy on the head.

    “What do you think, Quin?”

    The girl’s frown grew longer. “I mean, he needs help.” I couldn’t make out the rest of her sentence as it faded into muttering. I caught the last sentence as I took my final steps towards the group. “I still don’t get why you want to help that jerk so much, Maddy. He obviously has no tact!”

    The boy turned towards her, eyes wide. “Because he needs help,” he said as if it was the most simple thing in the world. The girl opened her mouth again, but shut it immediately when her eyes caught mine. The man smiled at me, holding out his hand. His grip was firm and his voice warm as he introduced himself.

    “Hello, traveler. My name is Erasmus Park.” He gestured towards the two kids gathered around him. “I see you’ve already met my young charges here. My daughter, Quinlan, and her friend, Madison.” I nodded.

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