• There’s a rumor, they say in the land of Asperdale.

    Long ago, Asperdale was a prosperous kingdom ruled with peace and kindness. The lands had been blossoming for many years, and the economy and life in the kingdom only improved each passing year. Things were peaceful.

    This garnered the attention of neighboring kingdoms who were jealous of Asperdale’s good fortune. To them, Asperdale’s good fortune was an unfair advantage. In order to make it more fair, the kingdoms banded together and placed a curse on the prosperous Asperdale.

    A chosen king and queen would rule the country, and it would still be prosperous; however, whenever great misfortune would fall upon the kingdom, the queen must be sacrificed for the good of the people. Not only did the queen have to die, but she had to die by her own two hands.

    There was no other way to counter the misfortune.

  • Prologue